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Veterinary Overview

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Every Thoroughbred beginning with conception and throughout its life requires the continual health services of a licensed veterinarian. Racehorses are professional athletes with unique health challenges, and your veterinarian is a “sports medicine doctor” for your horse.
From basic preventive health care to lameness evaluation and more advanced treatments and diagnostics, veterinarians provide a variety of services based on the individual needs of each horse.  Ideally the veterinarian, trainer and owner work as a team to make health care decisions that are in the best interest of the horse’s long-term welfare. A healthy Owner-Trainer-Veterinarian relationship, characterized by transparency, accountability and open communication, presents a unique opportunity to improve horse welfare, reduce the cost of veterinary services and improve the business model of racing.
The following sections within OwnerView provide valuable insight for Thoroughbred owners about equine health topics and the role of the veterinarian in managing the health of Thoroughbreds.