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New York

Executive Director: 
Najja Thompson
P.O. Box 5120
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(518) 587-0777
(518) 587-1551
About Us: 

New York Thoroughbred Breeders, Inc. (NYTB) is a membership organization founded in 1974

NYTB was formed in order to provide those individuals involved in the New York breeding and racing industry with an organization dedicated to the advancement of Thoroughbred breeding and racing in New York State.  NYTB is the official authorized representative of the Thoroughbred breeding industry in New York State; the unified voice of Thoroughbred breeders in the State of New York for purposes of communicating the advantages and rewards of breeding Thoroughbreds in the State and for the purposes of conducting and coordinating activities with breeding and racing associations and agencies. Additionally, NYTB lends its support to activities which aid in the development of the breeding and racing industries.

NYTB cooperates and is a partner with the various entities that support the industry and participate in the activities that support the continued success of Thoroughbred breeding and racing in New York State in particular as well as at the national level. This includes but is not limited to NYTHA, NYRA, Finger Lakes Racing and Gaming, Finger Lakes HBPA, The Breeding & Development Fund, The NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, The NYS Farm Bureau and National Farm Bureau, American Horse Council, NYS Racing and Wagering Board, NTRA, TOBA, Harness Horse Breeders, the various sales companies and the NYS legislature. As needed and if deemed appropriate NYTB will be ready and willing to take a leadership role in these affiliations and participate in the activities of the same.

New York State Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund

The New York State Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund, established in 1973, has helped shape the New York State thoroughbred industry, making it the benchmark of thoroughbred programs around the world. The Fund is the regulatory body of the New York Breeding and Racing Program. The Program distributes over $40 million per year in the form of incentives, breeder awards, stallion awards, owner awards, and purse money for New York-bred horses. For over two decades, the Fund has worked to make thoroughbred breeding and racing a vital force in New York State’s economy, utilizing its rich racing tradition, vast agricultural resources, and thriving tourism industry. The Fund is a public benefit corporation of New York that oversees the registration process for foals and stallions and distributes incentives awards to breeders, owners, and stallion owners.

The incentives provided by the Fund are financed from within the racing industry, using a small percentage of the total monies wagered through the pari-mutuel system on thoroughbred racing in New York State. The Fund also obtains revenues from a small percentage of Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) monies from Aqueduct and Finger Lakes Race Track. In 2010, foals born in New York had another banner year, with purse earnings throughout the U.S. and the world reaching over $65 million. The New York State Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the industry, with the goal of ensuring a steady supply of fresh, competitive horses for each of New York’s four tracks. The Fund maintains the registry of New York-breds and participating New York-based stallions, establishes the criteria for entry into that registry, and ensures that state statutes regarding the eligibility for registration of foals and stallions standing in the state are followed. Awards are available only to the breeders and owners of registered New York-breds or registered New York State-based stallions and provide an excellent means of increasing the value and marketability of your thoroughbred.

Restricted Races: 

On average there are 800 restricted races a year. With a minimum of 600 at NYRA along with 200 at Finger Lakes.

Restricted Stakes Races: 


Purse Supplement in Open Races: 


Owners Awards: 

20% of purse for 1st-3rd for NY-Sired and 10% for 1st-3rd for Non-NY-Sired. For all open company races in New York State with a minimum claiming price of $30,000

(Owners of registered New York-breds who earned purse money in open-company races were paid $2,652,034 by the New York State Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund in 2023.)

Breeders Awards: 

40% of earnings by a NY sire for 1st, 20% for 2nd and 10% 3rd. 20% of earnings by Non-NY-sire for 1st, 10% for 2nd and 5% for 3rd for races in NY (In 2023, the New York State Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund paid $11,731,306 to breeders of registered New York-breds.)

Stallion Awards: 

10% of earnings for 1st - 3rd for races in NY (The New York State Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund distributed 2,413,590 in 2023 stallion owner awards.)


Out of State Awards: 


Breed-Back Rule: 

·         The rules are simple and effectively create two categories of mares: resident and non-resident. To qualify for registration as a New York-bred, the mare must FOAL in New York State and meet the domicile requirements specified below.

·         Resident Mares: Must be continuously in residence in New York State from within 90 days after last cover in the year of conception, and thereafter remain in residence until FOALING the following year, with no breed-back required.

·         Non-Resident Mares: Must FOAL in New York State, remain in the state for a continuous period of 90 days after foaling, AND be BRED BACK to a registered New York-based stallion before leaving the state.

Mares from public auction:

Effective for public auction sales occurring on or after November 1, 2019, a non-resident mare that is purchased in foal through public auction will be deemed to be a resident mare for all purposes if each of the following conditions is satisfied:

1. the mare is purchased for at least $ 50,000 (or such other amount as the fund may determine annually and prominently disclose on the New York State Thoroughbred Breeding & Development Fund website on or before July 1 of each year) in the public auction;

2. the mare is present in New York State within 15 days after the sale is concluded; (or within 60 days in the case of a mare purchased at public auction abroad);

3. the foal from public auction mare is foaled in New York State; and

4. thereafter, the mare is continuously in residence in New York State from within 120 days after last cover in the year of conception of another foal and remains in residence until foaling (such mare shall not be subject to breed-back requirements). In the event that any of the foregoing conditions in this subdivision are not met, no breeder, owner or stallion awards attributable to the foal from public auction mare shall be due or owing to the individual or entity that purported to purchase the public auction mare in accordance with this subdivision, provided, however, that nothing in this subdivision shall affect the owner awards or stallion awards that may be due and owing to individuals or entitles that are not controlled by or affiliated with the individual or entity that purported to purchase the public auction mare in accordance with this subdivision.

Distribution Purses: 

$165M in purses each year combined between NYRA and Finger Lakes. $46M in 2023 for restricted purses with another $120M in open company purses at both tracks


Distribution Awards: 
  • $18.8M 
Registration Fees: 

·         Weanlings: $50, Yearlings: $300, Two-year-olds: $500, Three-year-olds and older: $1,000

·         Stallion Registration Fees: $250 until December 31. From January 1 to February 15 the fee is $500.

·         New York Stallion Series - Stallion Nominations: In order for a horse to be eligible to run in the New York Stallion Stakes Series, the sire of the horse must have been nominated to the Series in the year the foal was conceived. The stallion nomination fee is $2,500.00 or the advertised stud fee whichever is higher. Fifty percent of the nomination fee is due February 15, with the remaining fifty percent due July 1.