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Executive Director: 
Chauncey Morris
4079 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511-8483
(859) 381-1414
(859) 233-9737
About Us: 

Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders, Inc.
The state's leading breeders founded the Thoroughbred Breeders of Kentucky, Inc. in 1961.  TBK focused on promoting and protecting the Thoroughbred industry in Kentucky.  Renamed Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders, Inc. (KTOB) in 1980, the organization expanded to include owners as well as breeders.

As the second largest industry and the number one tourist attraction in Kentucky, the Thoroughbred industry provides a tremendous economic impact on the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders (KTOB) and the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association (KTA) endeavor to protect and promote the Kentucky Thoroughbred industry.


Kentucky Thoroughbred Association, Inc.
A group of Kentucky's finest horsemen formed the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association (KTA) in 1983 with two primary goals.  The first was to unite the industry by addressing long-term problems and representing the Thoroughbred industry on a national basis.  The second was to maintain the highest standards of racing, breeding and training in the Commonwealth.


Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund

The Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund is a unique program to benefit owners and their Kentucky-sired, Kentucky-foaled runners. Its aim is to upgrade the overall quality of racing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is an incentive program that seeks to encourage owners to buy from Kentucky markets, to board and breed mares on Kentucky farms, to mate them with Kentucky stallions, then to race the Kentucky-foaled produce over Kentucky tracks. This program was created in 1978 KRS 230.400 - and placed under the general jurisdiction of the Kentucky Racing Commission. A five-member Advisory Committee is appointed on July 1st of each year to advise and assist the Commission with the implementation of this program.

Additional Contact Information:

Jenny McGaughey




Kentucky Thoroughbred Breeders’ Incentive Fund

The Kentucky Thoroughbred Breeders' Incentive Fund (KBIF) was established in 2005 and consists of 80 percent of all receipts collected from the sales and use tax on the fees paid for breeding a stallion to a mare in Kentucky with any other money contributed, appropriated or allocated to the fund from all other sources. The purpose of the fund is to provide monetary rewards for breeders of horses bred and foaled in Kentucky. Since 2006, nearly $170 million has been awarded to Kentucky-bred horses winning eligible races all over the world.

Additional Contact Information:

Jamie Eads

859-246-2847 or 888-KYBREDS


Restricted Races: 


Restricted Stakes Races: 


Purse Supplement in Open Races: 

On Average $10,000, In-State only

Owners Awards: 

Horses registered with KTDF qualify for purse supplements in designated stakes, handicap, allowance, non-claiming maiden races, and allowance optional claiming races for a claiming price of not less than twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) contested at licensed Thoroughbred race meetings in Kentucky.

Breeders Awards: 

Breeders winning races in USA & Woodbine: 10% of winning purse for MSW & ALW with a max of $3,000/race. 10% of winning purse for STK with a max of $4,000/race. 

In the USA, Canada, England, France & Ireland: G1 receive $7,500, G2 & G3 receive $5,000.  

$50,000 to the breeder of a KY Derby winner; $50,000 to the breeder of a KY Oaks winner




Stallion Awards: 


Out of State Awards: 

Breeders winning races in USA & Woodbine: 10% of winning purse for MSW & ALW with a max of $3,000/race. 10% of winning purse for STK with a max of $4,000/race. In Canada, England, France & Ireland: G1 receive $7,500, G2 & G3 receive $5,000. 

Breed-Back Rule: 


Distribution Purses: 

KY distributed $19.5M in 2019 purses

Distribution Awards: 

KY distributed $14.3M in 2019 Breeder Awards

Registration Fees: 

During the year of conception: 1/1-8/15: $60

During the year of conception: 8/16-12/31: $150

During the foaling year: $750

During the yearling year: $1,500