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Rancho Temescal

Tim Cohen
(805) 521-0511
(805) 521-0559
P.O. Box 378
Piru, CA 93040
United States
About Us: 

Rancho Temescal was founded September 13th, 1871 and was purchased from the Del Valle Brothers in 1887 by David C. Cook, founder of the present town of Piru. He was born in New York State in 1850, son of a Methodist Minister. Mr. Cook became one of the era’s largest publisher of books, pamphlets and papers.

According to the Ventura Free Press, by the end of 1899, Mr. Cook had planted over 1,200 acres with trees including: apricots, olives, oranges, peaches, lemons, apples, pears and nectarines. The land was irrigated by an extensive system of pipelines, flumes and canals. The Ranch also included 300 acres of alfalfa. Known as the Piru Fruit Rancho, it became famous for its large shipments of the finest fruits.

In the early 1900’s, Rancho Temescal became a focus for petroleum development. The Ranch was owned by numerous production companies in this century including Pacific Western, Getty and Texaco. During this era, Rancho Temescal became home to over 1000 head of cattle, as tree production was abandoned.

As we enter the next century, Rancho Temescal has been restored to its agricultural heritage. The canyon, once again produces the finest fruits from its tree crops including avocados and lemons...and our Thoroughbred horses enjoy the abundant pastures irrigated by the clear cool waters of Piru Creek.