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Mapleton Thoroughbred Farms

(419) 945-2424
732 State Route 89
Polk, OH 44866
United States
About Us: 

About Us

Our Key philosophy on running Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm is based on our past and present business principles. That is: “Provide your customer and client with more service and value than they expect.” In other words, whether you are breeding your mare to our stallion, boarding your mare or yearling for Ohio residency, or are a partner with us in breeding or racing, we want to exceed your expectations.

We feel that we can accomplish that single philosophy with our background, skills, staff and facilities. As veterinarians with over 50 years of combined practice experience, we provide the very best health, management and nutritional care to all thoroughbreds at Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm. Our 70 plus years in Agricultural background enables us to manage the farm, pastures, hay crops and feed selection for resident thoroughbreds. Our back ground with purebred livestock and breeding genetics allows us to have a firm understanding of bloodlines, nicking and pedigree selection involved in the selection of thoroughbreds. More importantly, we have a complete understanding; there is a plat toe for diminishing returns on dollars invested in the thoroughbred industry that we council our partners on. While we want to win we feel that winning at all costs and throwing sound business principles to the wind is not how we want to play the game!

We invite all customers and partners to visit the farm frequently to appreciate our facilities and the effort, by our staff, to provide the horses with the very best surroundings and care.

We are sure, that you can find a farm that will do the job for less money, but we guarantee that you cannot find a farm that will deliver as much value in quality and service for your dollar spent.