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Majestic View Farms

(845) 255-2357
(845) 255-3480
60 Shaft Rd.
Gardiner, NY 12525
United States
Additional Contacts: 
Farm Manager
Jaime Martin
(845) 702-0116
About Us: 

Nestled at the base of the Shawangunk Mountains in the Mid-Hudson Valley, Majestic View Farms Intl. is a full-service boarding and breeding facility with camera-monitored foaling stalls and an indoor Equi-Ciser for sales prep and turnouts. 

Purchased in 2000, Majestic View Farms Intl. is owned by Bob and Bonnie Roth. Once home to Peruvian Pasos, and later Standardbreds, the Roths' ultimate dream was making their farm home to Thoroughbreds. That dream became a reality upon hiring farm manager, Jaime Martin in 2016. Since then they have immersed themselves in the Thoroughbred industry, with the strategy of making prudent purchases instead of rushing in with a huge investment. Over the years, the Roths have added a stallion barn and laboratory, renovated all the existing barns, and have continually added available land that abuts their original purchase to protect and enlarge Majestic View Farms. 

With the Roths' main residence overlooking the farm, their dedication and love for the horses and horse racing industry is evident in their daily presence and involvement. Bob is vice president of a large cosmetic company and he handles the financial end of the farm, while Bonnie, who has retired from a successful career in banking, handles all the paperwork. The day to day operations of the farm are left to farm manager Jaime Martin and assistant manager Beth Sickler. The Roths describe this partnership perfectly, “We’re like a family. We’re very close to both of them, and it all works.”