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Castleton Lyons

General Manager
(859) 455-9222
(859) 455-8892
2469 Ironworks Pike
Lexington, KY 40511
United States
About Us: 

The farm now known as Castleton Lyons possesses a rich and distinguished equine history stretching back over two hundred years and encompassing racing greats from the ranks of thoroughbreds, saddlebreds, and trotters.

Returned to its original thoroughbred roots following its purchase by Dr Tony Ryan in late 2001, Castleton Lyons has recently undergone a major renovation to restore it to its rightful place as one of Kentucky’s great horse farms.

Castleton Lyons enters a new era in the new millennium – dedicated to the provision of top class boarding facilities and a top class stallion roster.

On February 10 2004, the breeding shed at Castleton – now renamed Castleton Lyons in recognition of its connection with Lyons Demesne, Dr Ryan’s Irish Estate - opened its doors. Castleton Lyons once more finds itself on the map in the thoroughbred breeding industry – and things are only starting