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Mahoning Valley Race Course

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General Information
Racing Secretary
Ed Vomacka
655 North Canfield Niles Road
Youngstown, OH 44515
Main Phone: 
(330) 505-8700
Racing Office: 
(330) 505-8813
Owner Hospitality: 
Mark Basler
(330) 505-8813
About Us: 


Come experience the thrill of live thoroughbred racing in Northeast Ohio!  We will also offer simulcast horse racing from around the country, 365 days a year.  As you pick your winners, enjoy great dining options, special events and perks from our Marquee Rewards club!


  • A one mile oval racetrack over which thoroughbreds race.
  • Six inches of clear drainage stone on top of the native soil has been used to build the sub grade. This drainage stone will be clean stone between the size of a quarter to a half dollar. Water will run through it, allowing for the track conditions to improve quickly after heavy precipitation.
  • We cover this drainage stone with stone dust. Stone dust is made up of particles smaller than 1/4 or 3/8 of an inch. When rock is crushed, stone dust is the mixture of powder, sand sizes and chips that makes up stone dust...everything that is left when the large stone is removed. The powder or agricultural lime is what makes it bind and provides a stable base. There is a layer of fabric between the native soil and the drainage stone and a layer of fabric between the drainage stone and the stone dust.
  • A mixture of sand and clay is spread over the stone dust to provide the cushion.
  • The track is banked at 3% in the stretches and 6% in the turns.
  • The track is 80 feet wide.
  • The stretch is 1,000 feet long.
Race Dates: 
Live Racing Meet 2023-24
Oct 21 2023 to Apr 13 2024
Number of Race Days: 
Track Details: 
Track Surface: 
Track Size: 
1 Mile