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Fred Taylor Jr

Years as an Owner: 6
Horses Owned (Current): 2
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 5
Best Horse: Jackrabbit Fast
Best Win: They're all fantastic!
Trainer(s): JR Caldwell
Profession: Proactive Customer Service
Best Experience as an Owner:
Providing others with the opportunity to participate in the sport.
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
The lifetime of wonderful experiences.
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
I was encouraged to start my own partership.
Best Advice:
Be clear about the terms and conditions of participation, and make it easy, affordable, and fun.
Owner Bio

I am the Founder, Chief Executive Manager, and President of Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC.

Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC (which conducts its horse racing operations as Mojo Racing Partners) was founded in 2006 to prove that having fun; enjoying all the aspects of ownership; and upholding the highest standards in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry can be done for a fraction of the cost.  We don’t pretend to be everything to everyone, and we aren’t trying to be like the "Big Boys" racing syndicates.  Our Concept and Mission are designed to, first, provide the best care for our horses—before, during, and after their racing careers; set a good example for the industry; and provide a unique/educational experience.  By offering this type of service, we believe there can be win/win memories that will last a lifetime.

To learn more about Mojo, visit: