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Mr Ryan "Barrett" Thomas

Years as an Owner: 3
Horses Owned (Current): 13
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 30
Best Horse: See The Stream
Best Win: Starter Stakes LA Premieri Night
Trainer(s): Karl Broberg
Profession: President CEO of: "Gulf Coast Treated Piling & Timbers", Owner & Managing Director of "Premium Distributors, LLC" & Owner & CEO of "Outdoor Architectural & Antique Wood, LLC"
Best Experience as an Owner:
Taking a Picture
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
Setting achievable goals which change constantly prior to the start of every meet we commit to. Next achievable goal is to make leading owner in a specific meet.
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
My very first horse as a child was a retired thoroughbred fresh off of the track!
Best Advice:
Learn the game, follow the rules, have a great trainer (their stats (numbers) don't lie. Develop a friendship with your trainer whereas you trust each other. Pay your training bill! YOU CAN'T BEAT THIS GAME, YOU MUST PLAY THE GAME & HAVE FUN. It's a hobby