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Dr. William T. Gray DVM

Years as an Owner: 35
Horses Owned (Current): 40
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 150+
Best Horse: tornado betty
Best Win: they all good
Trainer(s): Greg James, Mike Barber, Brian Koiner, Doug O'neil, Chris Paash
Profession: Veterinarian
Best Experience as an Owner:
Director's Room- Del Mar, Santa Anita
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
Watching them grow and mature into top competitors
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
Rolling dice in my fathers tack room
Best Advice:
Good horses can come from anywhere. They do not know who their mother or daddy is!
Owner Bio

Dr. Gray has directed Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic since 1994. Dr. Gray obtained a B.S. degree in animal science and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University. He was on the staff at the University of Idaho from 1978-1980 where he did advanced studies in nutrition, reproduction, and physiology. Dr. Gray also has a unique appreciation of veterinary medicine, having spent 10 years as a corporate ranch manager in the inter-mountain west.

Dr. Gray has special interests in prepurchase, reproduction, surgery, and performance enhancement. He has completed advanced studies in equine dentistry. His experience in production medicine is unique, participating as a veterinarian and a producer. With over 35 years experience in the horse racing business, he is listed with the NTRA as a certified consultant.

He enjoys fishing, hunting, traveling, and other adventures. As an avid horseman, he and his wife Jill operate a small thoroughbred breeding/racing stable.