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Mrs Claudia Joan Salot-Engel Mrs

Years as an Owner: 40
Horses Owned (Current): 10
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 20??
Best Horse: California
Profession: Artist, Horse trainer, ex-TV, Film Prod.
Best Experience as an Owner:
New foals
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
the horses
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
through the sport I was riding in.
Best Advice:
The horse is smarter than most people can realize
Owner Bio

I am a native of Los Angeles and a life long Horseman. As a teen, I use to guide trail riders over the Hollywood Hills from Sunset Ranch to Burbank ..... now the LA Equestrian Center... and back again, a four hour journey bareback at 13 years old. For my 21st birthday, my aunt and uncle took me to the Turf Club at Hollywood Park for the day to Drink and Bet, my request. I ran down to the Paddock and picked out the first and second race winners and will never forget. My uncle lost a good amount of money that day as shown on his face to my parents on my return.

I now live on the Central Coast of California near Paso Robles for the last 20 years breeding, raising and riding TBs and other cross breeds. My prize horse is California, a name I did not expect to get.......She is grand daughter to Northern Dancer on the Sires side and Bold Ruler on the mare's. I have taken her into Dressage as I have done with other TBs and cross breeds I own. TBs have been a breed that I have lived with from jumping at Foxfield in the late 1960s to Playing Polo in the Late 70's and 80's and after relocating on to my ranch in Creston, I found the patients to take up Dressage.

Early-on forming Thunderhead Ranch, I worked for a short time in the foaling barn at Cardiff Racing Farms and got the bug for breeding. It has been more of a hobby than a business, paying much attention to the future of the horses going into jumping, dressage and eventing. I find I am becoming more and more attracted to continuing to develop and evolve a business on my 50 acre horse ranch surrounded by vineyards.

I look forward to reading other bios on the site and enjoying the visit of other TB owner's and trainers.

Claudia Salot-Engel
Thunderhead Ranch, CA