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Mr Daniel Quentin Schiffer

Years as an Owner: 35
Horses Owned (Current): 7
Horses Owned (Lifetime): Lots
Best Horse: Quick Little Miss
Best Win: Hard to say
Trainer(s): Mel Stute, Ventura Vargas, Keith Brown
Profession: Attorney
Best Experience as an Owner:
Breeding horses
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
The accomplishemnt of it all when it goes right.
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
Owner Bio

Lawyer- Law Office of Daniel Q. Schiffer, 1983 - Present
● Private practice specializing in equine law, contracts and business litigation
● Extensive litigation and administrative hearing experience
● Experience negotiating agreements between competing interests
● Longtime representation of horse interests at all levels
● Successful coordination of work efforts of staff and independent contractors
● Management of finances and use of technology to coordinate enterprises

Owner/ Manager, Hat Ranch West LLC, 1990 - Present
● Thoroughbred breeding and racing stable for past 20 years
● Management, purchase, sale of breeding stock and race prospects
● Continuing navigation of the thoroughbred racing environment
● Operated commercial broodmare and lay up farm, 1990- 2005

Relevant Experience
● Advised Thoroughbred and Quarter horse owners and breeders
● Reviewed and consulted on horsemen’s contracts with racing associations.
● Authored and argued for legislation brought before the California legislature
● Presented many client causes to the CHRB, stewards and administrative law judges
● Analyzed horse racing law on behalf of Thoroughbred and Quarter horse clients
● Established relationships with owners, trainers, breeders, etc., through out California
● Experience as a groom at major SoCal racetracks

Memberships and Activities
● CTBA Board Member, 2001 to Present; President 2003-2004
● SCEF/ Dolly Green Foundation Board member, 2006 to Present; current acting Secretary
● Past California Thoroughbred Farm Managers Assn Board Member and President
● Organized charitable fund raisers for the Fallbrook REINs and Temecula 4-H programs.
● Published “Legal Side of It” article series in Thoroughbred of California Magazine

● 1980 Whittier College School of Law, Los Angeles CA - Juris Doctorate
● 1976 University of California, Los Angeles - Bachelor of Arts, English