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George Barclay

Years as an Owner: 50+
Horses Owned (Current): 2
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 50-75
Trainer(s): Bill Carroll, Harvey Vanier, Donnie Von Hemel, etal
Profession: Retired
Best Experience as an Owner:
Winning with my first horse.
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
A claim at Cahokia Downs in Southern Illinois.
Best Advice:
Don't play with scared money. Budget carefully and manage expenses.
Owner Bio

My first stab at owning thoroughbreds was to claim a horse at the old Cahokia Downs in Southern Illinois in the late 1960s. Over the years I have at one time or another owned all or a percentage of race horses, broodmares, stallion shares, yearlings and weanlings. I have bought and sold at Sales in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Arkansas and Kentucky. I have experienced both success and failure in the business.