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James Canada

Years as an Owner: 6
Horses Owned (Current): 6
Horses Owned (Lifetime): numerous
Best Horse: N/A
Best Win: N/A
Trainer(s): JD Caldwell
Profession: Construction
Best Experience as an Owner:
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
wanted it
Best Advice:
Buy a stakes mare if you're breeding to race. Never buy a claimer on your own. Get a really good trainer for that.
Owner Bio

We began breeding Thoroughbreds in 2012 with our first mare, a Turkoman mare which we kept until time to breed.

Her foal, a filly by Indygo Mountain, began life well, but was injured at 12 months and cost a considerable amount to get healthy and put on the track.

In 6 races she placed 3rd once, as she couldn't stay healthy. EPM was the final straw.

Expensive, yes. Worth it, absolutely!!