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Ms Shirley Bennett

Years as an Owner: 15
Horses Owned (Current): 24
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 30
Best Horse: My Storm Trooper
Best Win: Allowance
Trainer(s): Herman Wilenski, JJ Pletcher,
Profession: Thoroughbred Breeding/Racing
Best Experience as an Owner:
foaling at home
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
Getting to know Penny Chenery
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
Saving the life of an injured thoroughbred
Best Advice:
Don't start training too early.
Owner Bio


Shirley Bennett initiated "Breeding With a Mission" program in 2009 by breeding Kentucky Broodmares, including one of Secretariat's last producing daughters, exclusively to Secretariat bloodlines to support her late-in-life desire to help "Keep the Secretariat Legacy Alive”. Twenty-two descendants later she is embarking on phase two to breed Secretariat's Glory to her current broodmares to produce new branches on her Secretariat Family Tree at Glory Meadows in North Florida.  Glory's pedigree includes Midnight Lute by Real Quiet and Secretariat as well as Deputy Minister and two Secretariat daughters (top & bottom) in the dam's roster. The mission is to produce new branches of Secretariat's bloodlines and reintroduce his name on pedigree charts. Producing great-grandchildren will bring his name back to the third-generation position as opposed to the sixth-generation position in most of today's pedigree charts. Shirley also has three other stallions from which to launch phase two of her breeding program. Enjoy viewing photos and videos of Secretariat descendants @  


​Shirley's professional background includes 25+ years of experience working with several national non-profit organizations related to helping terminally ill children and adults, combined with children at risk.  She is currently seeking funds to set up an equine therapy program at Glory Meadows to fulfil her late husband's last "Bucket List Wish" to reach out to his fellow veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) combined with her own desire to help Special Needs Children. See more info @