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Pat Sheetz

Years as an Owner: 8
Horses Owned (Current): 10 Racing
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 60
Best Horse: Motivare
Best Win: Classic Lassie Stakes
Trainer(s): 4
Profession: Geologist
Best Experience as an Owner:
Winning! Best win Stakes Race
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
Excitement, Thrill of Winning and Learning
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
Wanted to own a horse so I claimed a horse and it won the first time out! I was hooked then!
Best Advice:
Find someone you trust and has been in the business long enough to teach(mentor) you! There is so much to learn!
Owner Bio

I am a retired Geologist. I worked in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Graduate of Purdue University

Claimed my first horse in 2007 for $10,000. Her first race was an Allowance race and she won! That was a thrill and have been hooked ever since.

Won the Classic Lassie Stakes race in 2012 with Motivare in Oklahoma.

I race in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas

Started breeding in 2011 in Oklahoma due to their breeding program. Have bred 9 foals 3 have raced with 2 winners. Others are 2 YO in training, yearlilngs and babies.