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Dr Lori Lange D.O., M.S, R.Ph.

Years as an Owner: 7 breeder, 20 owner
Horses Owned (Current): 6
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 7
Best Horse: Oh Boy Saddlebred
Best Win: ISSO Sidesaddle Hall of Fame
Trainer(s): Self Kerger,Lukens,Albright,Crane,Sands
Profession: Physician Pharmacist
Best Experience as an Owner:
First race Penn National 2012 Perfect Eagle
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
Owned horse
Best Advice:
EPM prevention. Barefoot always best.
Owner Bio

Stand Saintly Prospect grey stallion Breeders Cup and Pabred registered.
Breeder of I.M.Mighty colt first foal by Saintly Prospect out of Pretty Wild Magic.
Raced Perfect Eagle born Derry Meeting Farm. Crane,Muhlenberg,Sands trainers of Perfect.Was BC nominated and Triple Crown nominated.Died unexpectly of EPM. Silks black and white diamonds with gold hoops. Spring Stream a grandson of Secretariat trained flat and hunted by late Bay Cockburn Plains Va. He is now my riding horse.
llange06 Youtube channel
I.M.Mightycolt twitter @llange06