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edward j. castrege

Years as an Owner: 2
Horses Owned (Current): 2
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 3
Best Horse: Invading Humor
Best Win: Hettinger Stakes, NYB, 125K
Trainer(s): Bruce Levine
Profession: semi-retired
Best Experience as an Owner:
standing on the stakes podium at Belmont Park!
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
The thrill of it all!
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
Saw TV promo for the partnership
Best Advice:
patience; horses are not machines
Owner Bio

I am a member of Bloodlines Racing Partnerships, and I have a small piece of two NYB fillies. These are my first horses, and have been fortunate that they are both winners, and one is a stakes winner!

This was a "bucket list" item; I did not want to leave this earth without experiencing the thrill of ownership. I have loved horse racing since childhood, and I would have had great regret if I did not give it a shot.

Bloodlines Racing Partnerships offer ownership at a one-time, fixed cost, and you can buy in at 1%, thus making it affordable for a middle-class fan like myself. Randy McGlinn is the breeder and managing partner; a great guy who puts "horse-first".

Visit and see the latest offerings in Pa. & NY. I just added his latest offering in NY, as I have had so much fun. Ownership allows you backstretch access and other perks; there is nothing like spending you mornings walking the shedrows at Saratoga! Randy and the partners you meet have made this all I could imagine, and much more!

Whatever path you choose to get in to ownership, there certainly are no guarantees, do this for the thrill of it, with money that you will not miss. If you are looking at ownership strictly as an investment, you will cheat yourself out of the fun, as your experience will be muted by a bottom-line approach.