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Dana Dougherty

Years as an Owner: 2
Horses Owned (Current): 5
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 7
Best Horse: Kaminari
Best Win: Gold Coast Stakes, Delta Downs, 2013
Trainer(s): Steve Margolis
Profession: Physician
Best Experience as an Owner:
The first time in the winner's circle
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
Being able to learn about all aspects of the sport
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
Looking online after hearing about different syndicates on TV
Best Advice:
It is not as expensive as you may think. You just have to find the right group.
Owner Bio

Became involved in owning through a partnership in 2011. Soon moved from Ohio to Louisville, KY in order to be able to be more involved in the sport.