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rulon rodda butch

Years as an Owner: 24
Horses Owned (Current): 3
Horses Owned (Lifetime): many
Best Horse: maybefirst
Best Win: by 12
Profession: real estate and retired
Best Experience as an Owner:
the trills of victory,nothing like it
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
hard one to answer
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
was a handicapper,ha!!!!! ha!!!!!
Best Advice:
buy the very best you can
Owner Bio

 owner since 1989

 luck bad,experience bad,have had real bad luck finding honest people in our industry,have had couple good runners,one non-black type,3 time winner,wonderfull horse,could not keep sound (new mexico)had another good filly 2 wins 4 seconds in 7 races,mostly fairs and won in arizonia,no luck since then,last year had two filly's,great hope,cracked cannon bone last work before first race,my other filly received a small bowed tendon,( hard to find good and honest trainers)atleast for me.Breed both filly's.First filly out of mingun to "bob n john",new york( A.P. INDY /MR PROSPECTER CROSS) second filly,"High Brite",had a fine looking  "Bedford Falls" filly this year,breed back to "Tannersmyman",AA+.You know it is a lot of work,but there is just some thing about raising a horse,i refer to them as big dogs or cats,they just don't know they can hurt you.It is also a very big challenge when your wife begines to hate your horses,all she can see is they money going down the drain,we have been able to go to a few breeders cups,and i think she enjoyed them,think maybe it was just her getting away,since retiring and with the turn in economics along with me having some heath problems,think all she see's is birds flying away with money in there mouths,well now you know about this old fellow,really do not feel old though,wife say's just can not understand what you get old mucking stalls,yep ,weird huh