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Contact Us About Ownership Plans

OwnerView was developed as a result of a study conducted in 2011 by McKinsey and Company which interviewed nearly 1,000 people about their experiences as Thoroughbred owners. The owners reported that there was not enough information or resources available to them when they first became an owner, which made it difficult to enter into our industry.   McKinsey recommended the development of a new set of information tools and resources to help “bridge this information gap.” The OwnerView website was developed and launched in May of 2012.  Since its launch OwnerView has become a “go to” source for Thoroughbred owners, with more than 100,000 visitors and approaching 1 million page views.

In addition to the information available on our website, OwnerView is now offering complimentary information resources to prospective new owners through our OwnerView Hosts. This information is primarily focused upon the ownership of thoroughbreds for racing, although many racehorse owners also participate in breeding activities.  Our Hosts will provide neutral, unbiased information during phone calls with prospective Thoroughbred owners to help acquaint them with the basics of owning a Thoroughbred horse involved in racing.  It should be noted that in order for OwnerView to remain neutral and unbiased we cannot provide specific advice or recommendations about trainers, syndicates, agents or horses. You should understand that by referring to various activities, products or services we are not providing endorsements, but are simply identifying some of the available options.  Also, an OwnerView Host will not recommend specific courses of action or answer situation-specific questions for which information is not currently available on OwnerView. 

Since this service is meant to help prospective owners become initially acquainted with basic information on Thoroughbred ownership, there are many issues and details relating to ownership that will not be covered. The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for obtaining professional advice concerning legal, accounting, tax, financial, breeding or horse management issues. Accordingly, be sure to consult your legal, tax, financial, accounting, insurance and other professional advisors. Likewise, OwnerView is in no way soliciting the sale of securities or advisory services and  OwnerView is not soliciting any business from you.  All discussions with OwnerView Hosts will be governed by the OwnerView Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy which you should review at

We are hopeful that OwnerView the website and Host service can provide you with a helpful introduction to the basics of Thoroughbred ownership.