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McMahon and Hill Bloodstock LLC

119 East Main St.
Midway, KY 40347
United States
Phone Number: 
(859) 846-4020
(859) 846-4015


Racing Advisor
Partnerships & Syndicate Advisor
Breeding Advisor
North East
South East

In 2011 Jamie Hill purchased a fifty percent interest in Michael McMahon’s firm McMahon Bloodstock LLC which had been founded in 2001.  The firm became McMahon & Hill Bloodstock LLC.  Our major products/services include racing and bloodstock portfolio management, and our public racing and pinhooking partnerships.  We also sell and buy breeding contracts and equine insurance.

McMahon & Hill Bloodstock is unique in our industry.  Our business is dominated by risk takers who view clients with a short term vision.  Our conservative approach, demonstrated by our average purchase point, is flattered by our success at finding graded stakes horses and profitable buys.

While many of our customers are financially secure, we serve the entry level investors to the industry through our zero markup LLC partnerships like Bourbon Lane Racing Stable and the Spruce Lane Pinhook. We believe that we can grow our business and our industry by offering entry level players a fair deal.  Further, we have raised our profile by partnering on the release of a small batch bourbon named “Pinhook, Straight Bourbon Whiskey“.  Each batch is named after one of our marquee Bourbon Lane Stable equine athletes and follows them through their racing career.