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Advisor Listing

Every new Thoroughbred owner is confronted with a myriad of issues to consider. While an owner`s legal consultants, financial consultants and other professional advisors are important when considering ownership of Thoroughbreds, many owners also rely on advisors with experience in the industry to assist them with decisions regarding purchasing, racing and/or breeding Thoroughbreds.
There are many resources available to the new Thoroughbred owner who may wish to seek the assistance of an advisor with experience in the industry. OwnerView includes a section titled "Select Your Advisor". Be sure to review this section before you decide whether or not to retain an advisor. The Sales Integrity Task Force has a website that also provides advice and direction in selecting an Advisor.
As an additional resource, the following is a list of Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA) members, who hold themselves out as advisors in various segments of the Thoroughbred industry. (The notations below reflect the areas in which an individual has indicated he or she has expertise.) As with other services and service-providers, OwnerView does not endorse any specific product or person, and this list is simply offered as one of several resources for identifying some of the individuals who offer advisory services to owners. Naturally, you will want to seek references and make your own inquiries before selecting an advisor, just as you would with any other important decision. Most advisors charge a fee for their services, so it is important to discuss fees and compensation when contacting an advisor.
Name Location Racing Advisor Breeding Advisor Partnerships & Syndicate Advisorsort ascending
Andre Regard Lexington, KY
Becky Thomas Ocala, FL
Bob McCann Lexington, KY
Mike Ryan Lexington, KY
Reynolds Bell Jr. Lexington, KY
Peter R. Bradley, III Lexington, KY
Alan Porter Florence, OR
Byron Rogers Lexington, KY
Christopher "Kip" Elser Camden, SC
Duncan Taylor Nicholasville, KY
Danzel Brendemuehl Ocala, FL
Craig Bandoroff Paris, KY
Bradley S. Weisbord Lexington, KY
Jen Shah Lexington, KY
Donald Little Jr. Beverly, MD
Clark Shepherd Lexington, KY
Mike McMahon Midway, KY
Barry Irwin Versailles, KY
José DeCamargo Versailles, KY
Jerry Brown New York, NY
Phil Hager Lexington, KY
Jerry Walker Daufuskie Island, SC
John Phillips Lexington, KY
Chad Schumer Louisville, KY
Amanda Simmons Luby Wellington, FL
Suzanne Smallwood Lexington, KY
Terry Finley Saratoga Springs, NY
Barry Berkelhammer Ocala, FL
Robert Clay Midway, KY
Mathew Firestone West Palm Beach, FL
Dan Rosenberg Midway, KY
Headley Bell Lexington, KY
Eric Hamelback Paris, KY
George Bolton San Francisco, CA
Gayle Van Leer San Diego, CA